Project History and Anticipated Timeline. 17k-14k BCE	Native Americans begin to settle in 				Southwestern Pennsylvania. Late 1700s	European-Americans begin to settle in the 			Pittsburgh Area with log cabins built in 		today's Schenley Park. Mid 1800s		Four Mile Run's watershed transitions from 			agricultural to urban development patterns. 1889		Schenley Park is dedicated as a public park. Early 1900s	Four Mile Run is diverted into brick sewer 			mains and ceases to flow through the valley.  		Sewage is conveyed directly to the rivers 			through the same pipes as stormwater in what 			is called a "combined sewer system". 1955-1959	ALCOSAN builds a treatment plant and 		interceptor system to treat the 	region's 				sewage in dry weather.  This system 				overflows into the river at multiple 				points when it is overwhelmed by stormwater. 1972		Congress passes the Clean Water Act. 1999		Parks Master Plan calls for restoration of 				Panther Hollow Lake. 2000s-2010s	PWSA enters into Consent Order and 		Agreement with the state Department of 				Environmental Protection and the county 			Health Department to comply with Clean 			Water Act regarding CSOs. 2010-2014	Early green stormwater infrastructure projects 			implemented in Schenley Park. 2013		PWSA completes its Wet Weather Feasiblity 			Study identifying Green stormwater 				infrastructure as a solution to CSOs. 2016		PWSA publishes its Green First Plan which 			sets a strategy for a network of green 				conveyance and detention sites throughout 			combined sewer areas. 2016-2017		Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy works with 			PWSA and surrounding communities to 				develop a stream restoration concept for 		Four Mile Run. Early 2018	PWSA begins preliminary engineering and 			design for Four Mile Run with a team of 				stream restoration, urban design, and green 			infrastructure consultants. 17 September 2018	PWSA and PPC lead a Public Meeting about 			the Four Mile Run project. November 2018	PWSA and PPC lead a second Public Meeting 			about the Four Mile Run project. Early 2019	PWSA to begin final engineering and design 			for Four Mile Run.  Two more public meetings 			will be held during this phase. Late 2019-2020	PWSA to bid, construct, and commission the 		Four Mile Run Green Stormwater 		Infrastructure project, the largest in the 				Authority's history and an important step for 			Green Infrastructure in our region.